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Today is the day I am revealing the women’s brand I have been developing and working on for the past 9 months. I give you Valley High. It is my baby, my passion, and everything I’ve ever wanted to wear, not to mention the love child of my boyfriend and I. We made this collection for all the girls that search through their boyfriends closets for cool clothes to wear, and for all those girls that just like to hang with the boys and for all those girls that like that Cali lifestyle. We wanted to bring the type of rad graphics that are on men’s clothing and put them on awesome women’s pieces because there’s nothing like that out there. I always feel like women’s graphic clothing is dumbed down for us and it doesn’t need to be. I’m so in love with every piece and I can proudly say that the whole project, from the name to the fabrics, has been 100% collaborative between the two of us. We will be launching our first collection in the Spring and hopefully I can show you guys some teasers before then (although you might see me wearing our samples because I can’t wait!).  Below is a little more on the line if you want to read up on it, and be sure to follow all of our socials! Thank you for reading, following along and the support. I’m super excited to take you guys on this new journey with me.

*I’ll be holding private viewings of the collection here in Vegas during the tradeshows, email me for an appointment. 

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1 Day


The Penelope Times


2 Days


the penelope times

2 days until YOU know MY brand.  SO CLOSE!

3 Days


the penelope times


3 Days until the big reveal of the brand I’ve been developing for the past 8 months. !!

5 Days


the penelope times


5 days until I reveal the name of my new brand. Are you ready?


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