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Come hang out with me and some RAD blogger babes on Sunday at Space 15Twenty to get your shopping on! I’ll be selling clothes from Penelope’s Vintage for DIRT CHEAP (like $10 cheap), and other girls will be selling clothes from their oh, so fashionable closets. Deets in the flyer above, hope to see you there!

Fitness Stuff.




(Sponsors include: Fruigees, Cavegirl Cupboard, Runa, EarthBar, Murad, and Front Runners)

As I’ve previously stated,  I’m a fitness freak. I work out about 3-4 times a week doing high intensity training with B Fit and when I’m on a kick I’ll step it up to 5 days a week. Not only do I feel great, sleep better and eat better, it keeps me motivated and gives me the drive i need to run the 3 businesses I have (this one being one of them!… and WOW that sounds like a stupid commercial. I apologize).  With that being said, I love attending any fitness event whether it be with Fabletics or Bryna from B Fit, so you KNOW I was at the B Fit x Front Runners event last Sunday. Aside from getting a workout in after Halloween and feeling much better about myself and my life, I happened to be in the market for some new shoes and got the full Front Runners experience. They took me to this rad machine that analyzes your foot and gives you information like where you put most of your pressure and what part of your foot hits the ground first. They give you a print out of a diagram of your feet so you can have it on hand and from there you can either get a custom insole or have better knowledge of what type of shoe you need. For my foot Mizunos, Nikes or Asics were perfect for me and with a lot of thought and contemplation, I went with the Mizunos. I found out that my feet have high arches on both sides and I felt the support I needed right when I slipped on the Mizunos. I also love a good mint color and of course, black, so these were for sure the winners. Front Runners had an awesome selection and had so many fun things I wanted to spend all my money on like SPORTSWEAR DETERGENT! As much as this sounds like an ad for Front Runners, it’s not and I actually planned on just talking about my cool new shoes, but now you just have to go over there and shop I guess! Anyway, shout out to my favorite fitness group, B Fit for the awesome event, to Front Runners for being awesome and all the sponsors that gave an rad gift bag (above).




(Boots c/o Shoedazzle)

Because YOU KNOW I will be wearing these all Fall/Winter.

Birthday Biz





(Footwear c/o Cat Footwear & AMP3 PR, Jacket: Vans Girls, Jeans: Just Fab, Sunglasses: Penelope’s Vintage)

IT’S FINALLY GETTING COLD OUT HERE! It always takes us a little longer to cool down over here in SoCal and even when we do it’s not quite as cold as it could be, but I still pretend I need things like this Vans Girls jacket or these rad heavy duty Cat Footwear boots. I may not need the jacket as often but these boots are pretty killer and I’ve been wearing them out almost every weekend. As for the sunnies? I wear those pups year round so there’s no question there. I’m also trying to grow out my hair just a bit so I can get some corn row braids put in and to deal with this I’ve been rocking the late ’90s early 2000s hair style with the side part bangs that are bobby pinned down. I feel like it does the trick in the meantime.


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