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Super excited to announce (the reason why I haven’t posted once this week) that PV got a makeover! Instead of models and a big inventory, I scaled it down to a small, awesomely curated selection of rad vintage with photos of just the clothing so it can speak for itself.

Check it out and take 20% off your purchase with the code: PENELOPEUCUTE , just for mah readers

Sidenote: PV offers free domestic shipping ALL THE TIME and $5 international shipping so it’s pretty much a steal. 

Falling for Vans Girls: Part 4


The Penelope Times

(Vans backpack, Sk8-Hi’s, Camper Hat)

For my last set of faves in my Falling for Vans Girls series, I give you my favorite accessories.  I’m pretty partial to them because as you know, I can’t stop wearing black and white outfits, but I also am a sucker for stripes and love that these can all go with anything. Be sure to check out all the goodies Vans has for Fall ’14, you won’t be bummed.

Falling For Vans Girls: Part 3


IMG_8142IMG_8153 IMG_8162 IMG_8166 IMG_8168

(Vans Girls Varisty Jacket, Vans sk8-hi’s)

Varsity jacket realness and my favorite Vans at the moment. Fall, I’m ready for you. Now just cool down in LA.

The Grand Central Market




(Image via Bon Appetit)

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while or know me personally you know I love food, and maybe even more so, I love Bon Appetit magazine. When Bon Appetit arrives at my door I put it in a special place by my couch, ready for me when the weekend hits. I spend my Saturday or Sunday with coffee, reading the newest issue on my couch and could not be happier. Whenever there is a list of new restaurants, best restaurants, chefs…..basically any sort of list, I INSTANTLY look for an LA shoutout so I can bookmark it on Yelp and feed my LA pride. Much to my dismay my September issue did not arrive on my doorstep as expected and I was about as mad as anyone would be about something important or life changing, except this clearly was not, but obviously to me it was. I got the issue a little late which is why this post is just happening now but nonetheless, I was inspired to share. The big story in the September issue was “The Hot 10“, which is the magazine’s 10 hottest new restaurants across the country and guess who made the list? Thats right. LA. (did you have any doubt in your mind? I didn’t.)  Definitely an underdog, The Grand Central Market made #10 on the list. I recently went there for lunch and had Egg Slut (which was great) but this article had me itching to go back and do a mini food crawl up in that place. I loved the article so much I wanted to post it on here to share with everyone (even though I hate when Refinery 29 does that. At least there’s some backstory right?). Bottom line, if you live here, if you’re visiting here I am now a believer this is a must try. I want to do this for my birthday-weekend brunch in a few weeks and again when my friend comes out to visit from Taiwan at the end of the month. I’ll be sure to share my experience and I hop you can make it out there too!

 HERE is the full article.

Thanks Bon Appetit, for always having such amazing, inspiring and ever changing content. Your magazine is truly my happiness.

Falling for Vans Girls: Part 2


the penelope times the penelope times the penelope times the penelope timesthe penelope timesthe penelope Times the penelope Times

(Vans sweater, Vans leopard classics)


 The second piece I couldn’t wait to get in from Vans Fall 2014? This cozy, waffle knit sweater which is the perfect match to my leopard classics.  Of course it’s still warm (hot) here in LA, probably until November even, but I’m pretending I need to wear this sweater because it’s still Fall and I want to enjoy sweater weather like everyone else!


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