Curly-V Installation

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Curly-V is a dear friend to me that I’ve known since I was 19. We attended FIDM together and have been good friends ever since. Every time I go to one of his installations (3d time now) I feel like a proud mother and well up with tears. I’m so proud of him, his creativity, his ambition, his fearlessness, and his originality. Curly has always been a happy, positive personality and you can see it in every one of his designs. He explained that his main inspiration for this collection, besides the Dee-Light video (also a personal fave), was for the girl wearing his pieces to feel happy and sexy. He explained that these are still hard times and why not wear something that’s bright and will make you happy. I love this for the obvious reasons but I also love it because it was a huge contrast to a lot of more serious and dark designs that I saw this weekend. Super carefree.

My view of the collection before hearing his take on it was a very 60’s, girly and fun vibe. If you know me AT ALL you know that anything 60’s is the way to my heart so you know I was INLOVE. I also found out that there was astroturf jackets, skirts and dresses to go with this collection but the room was simply too hot for all of it (which semi broke my heart). This is my ideal collection for Spring Summer and I can honestly say I would wear every single piece.

Viva Curly-V!

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