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(All Images are from Electric Frenchie’s newest lookbook: Bohemian Dream)

As I’ve previously stated I have a new sponsor for the month of April, Electric Frenchie —>. I was thrilled when they approached me with interest in working together and it’s been a pleasure to do so.  A cute web shop out of Austin, Texas, Electric Frenchie is constantly bringing on-trend items to their shop as well as showcasing local designers (my favorite part) all while maintaing their whimsical, bohemian style. I  got a chance to chat with the owner of Electric Frenchie, Chonie and ask her a few questions about her rad little online boutique and their newly debuted lookbook: Bohemian Dream. Here’s what she had to say…

What kind of girl is an Electric Frenchie girl? 

An Electric Frenchie girl has a bohemian spirit and loves to play with new styles and trends while always paying attention to the details. She might take a page out of London street fashion one day and preppy sportswear the next, she might even wake up feeling like a princess and put on a lace dress and floral wreath. Either way she owns her style. Her confidence comes from her fashion-forward attitude and people look to her for inspiration and the latest trends. The Frenchie girl will try quirky, fun designs on her nails; she knows what silhouettes make her body look good and most importantly knows how to pull it all together in an easy, effortlessly chic way. This girl loves to explore new restaurants and travel, she tries to get in brunch with her girlfriends at least once a month and last but not least,  the Frenchie girl has a habit of getting what she wants, so good customer service is a must.

What was your inspiration for your newest lookbook “Bohemian Dream”?

The photographer Jai Mayhew and I wanted the Spring lookbook to be whimsical and romantic. Somewhere in between a fairy tale and the last few minutes of a  beautiful dream you wish you could capture in a bottle. We envisioned dewy complexions and wanted to play up this season’s floral trend. The Stylist Edith Henry really brought these feelings to life by adding lace, beaded necklines & playing with feminine jewelry like pearls and delicate gold chain. This lookbook was made for a girl who loves natures little gifts like dandelions and sunshine. When choosing pieces to shoot for this lookbook I drew from music festival fashion. I love the bohemian nature of waterfall braids and loose curls, billowy sleeves with 60′s silhouettes and easy blouses with long maxi skirts.

What is your inspiration when buying items for Electric Frenchie?

I start with whether I would wear it, would I be happy with the quality, and would I be psyched about the retail price. I hold my clothes to a pretty high standard so that is a good place to start. I then look at what is on-trend for the season and if I can see someone like Nicole Richie or Alexa Chung in it. By taking an active role in styling sites like lookbook.nu and Style Says, I keep a pulse on street fashion all over the world and cherry pick what is I like best for the store’s inventory. Always keeping the Frenchie girl in mind, I love to bring in new designers and showcase the best in my local hometown of Austin, TX. Another thing I take into consideration is how long the piece will last. We aren’t into fads so when choosing clothes and accessories for the store I am drawn to seasonless and/or timeless pieces that will be just as fabulous and wearable two years in the future.

When did you start Electric Frenchie and what made you want to start it? 

I started Electric Frenchie in the summer of 2010. It has been through some rehauls and evolutions since then and I am sure it will go through many more. I started this company because I wanted a way to express my love for fashion and make it my full time occupation instead of an obsessive hobby and expensive shopping addiction. After graduating college, I started my career in the financial industry and within a year I realized I wasn’t completely fulfilled or properly challenged. Very aware of how much of your life is spent working and with support from my family,  I made moves to start a retail store. My awesome husband makes the store come to life, maintaining the website and helping me re-design as we grow the business and is a large part of why Electric Frenchie exists today. At first it was truly a collector’s mission, buying a piece here and there until that became a weekly task with photoshoots. Here we are two years later talking with one of fashion’s hottest blogs, Penelope Times.

Thanks so much Chonie! Everyone go give Electric Frenchie some loveee!

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