Camo Craze

Posted on December 31st, 2012 by admin

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(vintage camo jacket, transparent clutch from eBay, David Kahn jeans, Dolcetta boots, Fuck Street Wear beanie, Oakley sunnies)


My boyfriend gets me a vintage camo jacket, a huge New Kids on the Block and Bart Simpson (not shown) pin, and creepers how about yours? (jk) But really my bf gets me THE BEST xmas gifts every year, always thoughtful and always stepping up my style game. I thought this outfit was the perfect opportunity to bring out my transparent clutch that I absolutely love, also wearing a necklace my mom got me for xmas (that’s right….MY MOM. Also, SURPRISE I’m wearing a beanie). Still loving the cold weather out here and trying to take some time to recuperate after the crazy holiday. NYE plans? Making dinner at home with the bff in our apartment while getting wasted. Stay safe and happy 2013 everyone! <3

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adminJanuary 15th, 2013 at 5:19 pm

Thanks so much! I don’t remember but just search “transparent neon clutch” and you should be able to find it! 🙂

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