The Anatomy of a Chanelle Outfit

Posted on January 31st, 2013 by admin

the penelope times

(Gifted Ellison Apparel button up, Aldo boots, Vintage texas tie, Vintage Burberry sunglasses)

I thought I would take the time to share my thought process when I put together an outfit. I know my style is very unique and for some, hard to comprehend but I think like with all fashion, you should approach it with an open mind and try to take something from it. The pose of the shoot was the “leg lift” because these boots are fun and look good in action.

the penelope times the penelope times

I love pairing oversized shirts/button ups with just tights or knee highs which keeps it simple while making a statement. It also balances the weight out of the heavy looking top with a slimming bottom. With only two items in my outfit (shirt + socks) I  like to step it up with a great pair of shoes: boots, flatforms or heels. Think statement, colors that match your outfit or unique silhouettes.

the penelope times the penelope times

Lately I love having a bold lip with everything, especially in these winter months / at night. Since this look is just black and white the pop of color works perfectly.

the penelope times

Accessories are the topper, I’ve been really into keeping my shirt buttoned up to the top and putting a short necklace under the collar or a bolo tie for a tailored yet edgy look. In my opinion you can never have too many rings and sunglasses are one of the best parts of the outfit so choose wisely. For more edgy looks I like to complete the outfit with circle sunglasses or big, oversized ones. For more soft, girly looks I’ll pair a cat-eye with the outfit which encourages the girly aspect.

the penelope timesthe penelope times


I think my looks are all about keeping a general theme, if you’re going to go edgy…go all the way. Of course theres a way to over do it but for example with this look: my boots are crazy and my shirt is loud but I’ve kept the whole thing toned down by keeping the colors to black and white. My pop of color came in my sunglasses and bolo tie (both small items, keeping it mellow) which were matching greens. It’s all about having balance, have statement pieces with toned down colors or have loud colors with simple pieces. Of couse I always break these rules but I think they’re generally good rules to follow.

What else would you guys like to see me break down or style?  Email me with your suggestions/ideas, I’d love to hear from you. Click contact


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