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Posted on April 16th, 2013 by admin

The Penelope Times The Penelope Times The Penelope Times


(Gifted BCBG bathing suit top, H&M skirt, Vintage jean jacket, Gifted Lulu*s boots, Vintage hat)

Some shots from the Details magazine party on Friday night. Unfortunately it was too dark to take more photos so this is all I got. Just imagine a huge field that was someone’s back yard filled with light up tee-pees, a Fatburger Truck, a taco truck, 2 Hennessey sponsored bars, a big stage and booths for bottle service (which I must say was a first for me at a Coachella party). Nas gave a surprise performance at the end and it made myself and my crew’s whole night. Luv u Nas. Epic night.

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