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I’m very fortunate to live in a city with beautiful weather all year round but there’s just something about the Summer that makes LA extra amazing. All the outdoor activities and events start to pop up and anything you do in the evening during the Summer is nothing short of magical. Since I am an LA native (and very proud) I thought I would share all the fun things to take advantage of in the Summer out here in LA. If any of you are visiting be sure to do some of the things on the list because it will make your stay that much better.


The Penelope Times

Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl is literally my favorite thing to do in the Summer. The  shows are always in the evening time so they ride out into the sunset while you sit in the beautiful LA weather and listen to the music of your choice. I’m a huge jazz person so that’s always my first choice but they have a ton of different acts all Summer long so it won’t be hard to pick something you’re into. The best part? You can bring your own food and wine (just remember to bring your own cups, wine opener, and silverware). Mozza2go used to offers a rad “Hollywood Bowl Package”  which will be introduced when the season starts,  it’s great if you’re too lazy or don’t have time to make your own food.

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LACMA Jazz Friday Nights

I have yet to go to this but I plan on making it ASAP because like I said above, I love jazz. LACMA offers free Jazz music every Friday night at 6pm April-November on a beautiful outdoor grassy area. Apparently you can also bring your own wine with you which is always an added bonus. LA residence get free admission to LACMA after 3pm, Mon-Fri so feel free to visit the museum before hand. To check out more music at LACMA go here.

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Saturdays Off the 405

Another amazing free music night outdoors in the amazing LA weather. The Getty Museum offers rad music like Mayor Hawthorne, Chairlift, Poolside and more in their outside area of the museum with amazing view of the whole city. So. Down.

Pool Parties: 

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Swimming with Sharks

One thing I love about LA in the Summer is the rooftop pool parties and MFG Productions‘ Swimming with Sharks is top of the list. Go swimming, lay out, drink, eat and dance to rad tunes from some of the best DJ’s at The Standard in Downtown’s rooftop pool. The pool is on the 7th floor and has amazing views of the city all while the sun sets right before your eyes. The Standard in Hollywood also offers a day time pool party on the weekends, a little more mellow but also great.

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The Do Over

I’m a sucker for old school hip hop and amazing DJ’s so The Do Over is my shit. I’ll take an Uber or Side car to Lure and dance my little ass off (I also end up battling people if I’ve had some drinks in me….not really something I’m proud of). The line is usually out of control and there is no pool but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in or dress like you’re going to the pool (I’m thinking high waisted shorts and a bandeau top, not full on bathing suit status).  Check it out and dance the day away at a cute little outside patio with really yummy Sangria which is a house specialty.

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Summer Tramp

The ultimate city Summer party would have to be Summertramp located on a lot in Downtown LA. Waterslides, 2 above ground pools, drinks and pizza thanks to Pizzanista you will NOT be bored here. I have yet to attend this one as well but I plan on it this Summer for sure (my bf only does the flyers for it…how have we not gone?!).


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Farmers Market

LA is filled with tons of Farmers Markets and I love all of them. The one on Ivar and Selma is our personal fave, we go every Sunday (almost) to pick up produce for the week, but the Santa Monica Farmers Market is MASSIVE and YUMMY! There is also the infamous Original 3d St Farmers Market that is year round and has been around since the 1930’s, tons of yummy food and fun shopping all year round.

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Picnic at Griffith Park

This one is pretty self explanatory and can be applied to any park new you. Griffith Park is beautiful and BIG so you’ll be sure to find a spot to eat and enjoy.

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First Friday’s in Venice

LA is the land of food trucks and proudly, one of the founders of food trucks (cough cough KOGI). So why not have a whole evening dedicated to food trucks, shopping and walking around. First Friday’s in Venice is the First Friday of every month (duh) where a TON of food trucks gather for you to eat yourself into a food coma on the most exciting street in Venice, Abbot Kinney St. Abbot Kinney has tons of cute shops, restaurants and is right next to the beach. Store’s also have bands play and hold events themselves to make it even more exciting.

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Eating Seafood on the Redondo Beach Pier

Everyone talks about the Santa Monica Pier which is great (touristy, but great), but the real star is the Redondo Beach Pier. Packed with delicious seafood and of course, an amazing view, this makes for a perfect Summer day. You can also bike from Santa Monica to Redondo Beach and then have a nice dinner on the Pier, which is something I’ve done in the past (and enjoyed). I will warn you, it is quite a bike ride!


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Take advantage of LA’s beautiful weather and views by taking a wonderful hike. It’s hilarious because LA really is all about fitness but how could you not take advantage of all of our amazing weather and wonderful resources? Here is a list of trails in Los Angeles, my personal favorite has been one we did off Barham Blvd. You can do the infamous Runyon Canyon but to me, it’s overrated. It’s over crowded with people trying to get their Summer body on who obviously aren’t really into working out on a regular basis. You will however, spot your random celebrity, run into people you know and have a hard time finding some room but if that’s your style, by all means.

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Free Yoga at Runyon Canyon

What I DO like about Runyon Canyon is they offer free yoga classes. That’s right folks, FREE. Enjoy getting your yoga on outside in the fresh air at any time of day. They have a full schedule with multiple teachers. Super rad. Check it out.

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Nike Run Club at The Grove

Every Wednesday night The Grove and Nike offer a free 3-5 mile run with a group of people who love fitness just like you. I haven’t done this yet but it is definitely intriguing. For more events at The Grove, which is another great outdoor activity in itself (a little touristy and crowded but still fun), see their Calendar.


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Rose Bowl Flea Market

Every first Sunday of the month the Rose Bowl holds the biggest flea market known to man (or known to me), The Rose Bowl Flea Market. Tons of vintage finds everything from clothes to furniture and yummy food as well all in the massive, Rose Bowl stadium. For more info go here.

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Jet Rag $1 sale on Sunday’s

That’s right folks, $1 vintage clothes. Every Sunday Jet Rag puts out piles of vintage clothing for you to rummage through and buy for only $1 each. I know this isn’t for everyone but if you love the thrill of the hunt (ummm and $1 clothes) I highly recommend.

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La Brea ave. / Melrose ave. / Fairfax ave.

LA has tons of shopping but of course, everything is pretty spread out around here. La Brea, Melrose and Fairfax are all streets within miles of each other so you can park, shop each street and drive a short distance to the others. Melrose used to be AMAZING back in the day and has dwindled a little bit in the main area, BUT fabulous stores like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Ten Over Six, Theory, and Diane Von Furstenberg are all on this lovely street. Fairfax, it’s the Streetwear capital of the world, The Hundreds, The Odd Future pop up store, Supreme, Diamond Supply Co. and more are all on this street. As for La Brea, they have a variety of stores, all amazing. Places like American Rag, Buffalo Exchange, Stussy and UNDFTD. Of course with shopping comes eating and there are yummy places to eat on each street which makes for a fun day of shopping.


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Cinespia: The Hollywood Forever Cemetery movie night

Movie night at a cemetery may sound….scary but apparently it’s amazing. I have yet to make it out (I try every year) but I’ve heard nothing but good things about this event. Playing movies like Clueless, Psycho, Some Like It Hot and Pulp Fiction how could you pass it up? Bring a blanket, food, alcohol and your friends and enjoy the beautiful night while watching a movie on a big screen. I heard it gets crowded so be sure to buy your tickets and arrive a little early!

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Rollerblading/Biking  in Venice

If you’ve seen any ad from the ’80s’ or ’90s with a girl rollerblading in her bathing suit by the beach….you’ve seen Venice. Venice is a cute little city by the beach with a fabulous bike path that runs through it, starting in Santa Monica and ending in Rodando Beach. This is a cheesy activity but how could you not want to do it at least one time? I’ve been biking on the trail and I had a blast, enjoying the sea air while getting some exercise. Free and fun.

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Karaoke in Koreatown or Little Tokyo

Not a lot of people are aware that “Asian” karaoke is different than “white” karaoke but BOY IS IT. White Karaoke: At a bar, tons of strangers watching you embarrass yourself, predictable songs like anything from Journey and Born in the USA and people you wouldn’t normally want to surround yourself with. Asian Karaoke: In a private room, some places are BYOB some have a bar, big song selections, all your friends singing out loud with you, dancing around, and FOOD. Rosen Music Studio is often a fave but we just tested out a new one, Max Karaoke Studio in the Little Tokyo mall which has now become my favorite. Max Karaoke  Studio has THE BEST song selection (Frank Ocean, Hall and Oats, Aaliyah…I could go on),  you can kinda BYOB (you have to sneak it but they allow it) and it’s cheap. For Asian karaoke places you pay by the hour to rent the room and can stay as long as you want. If you have a big party or want to go for your birthday you can rent out a big room to accommodate your party. This is something you can do all year long but I figured during the Summer you have vacation days or days off so you can afford to be out all night singing your little heart out. DEFINITELY recommend this and it is easily one of my favorite things to do.


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