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Last week I took a trip to Spellbound Sky with my cousin-in-law. I’ve been seeing a lot of people I know getting into crystals lately so I’m slightly familiar with them but also still confused by the hype. I’m in the midst of making my room a relaxing sanctuary for my boyfriend and me so I was up for the visit to this mystical place if it meant a more peaceful and relaxing space, I’m also up for anything and everything. Of course, I fell in love.

…Maybe it was the nostalgia it gave me bringing me back to my childhood obsession with collecting rocks when I would travel with my family (which made our RV 20 lbs heavier). Maybe it was the fact that I’m a firm believer in creating positive thoughts and goals for yourself and envisioning the best life that you want to live. Or maybe it’s because they’re gorgeous and they really set the tone for a great living space. It’s probably all of these things rolled into one and as I just mentioned, I’m open to everything and up for anything. I picked up a few that spoke to me and also that fit with my life right now (I promise I’m not a crazy hippie). Crystals contain a natural energy in them, being from the earth and all, so you use them to set intentions for yourself and use their energy for your manifestations. You cleanse them whether it’s in the moonlight, sunlight or water, you hold them while setting intentions for what you would like them to help you do/be and you use them every time you have something in your life you want to manifest. At the very least, these beautiful lil babies remind you of your intention every time you see them so you end up repeating the thoughts and good vibes whether you realize it or not.

Without super nerding out on you (might be too late), I got 5 types of crystals and one candle for myself and my boyfriend right now. One is for decision making and staying focused which is on my desk right now, another one is for luck in business and no accidents which is in between my boyfriend and my’s desks. Another one is for love and self-love which is in our room, 2 lil onyx guys are for the protection of negative thoughts and a stress-free environment (also in our room). Lastly, one crystal and the candle I purchased are for cleansing the space and connecting you to your most spiritual self.

Now because I always keep it 100, I researched how to cleanse them which led me to a moonlight ritual/cleansing which is suggested on a new moon and full moon because of the energy the moon gives. It happens to be a new moon this Wednesday, it is also 11.11 and in Scorpio (my sign) which means this moon is very strong and important for me. I still don’t know anything about these rituals, but I’m going to do what feels right, set good intentions and light my lil cleansing candle. I’ll report back with anything awesome and I highly recommend checking into the crystal world. At the very least it’s a fun hobby and trains your mind to think in a more positive way.

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