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It’s jacket time!


(Hudson Krista Super Skinny Jeans, Zara top and jacket, Shoedazzle boots)

Yes, I’m excited about jackets because I never get to wear them, especially this Zara coat that is borderline grim reaper style(which is amazing). Speaking of Zara, I had an annoying experience recently which led to this top I’m wearing above (ALMOST a blessing in disguise but not quite because it was that annoying). I thought I had the correct receipt in the bag for a return I was doing but it was really a receipt to my local grocery store, therefore, I had to pick something out the same EXACT price (no less) or I couldn’t return/exchange it. Even more annoying? She made me do it right then, I couldn’t come back. Luckily I found this really cute ’70s inspired top and was able to make the exchange. I contemplated buying it because it’s just a regular ol’ top but there’s something about it I’m really into. Now onto the good stuff: THE JEANS. I’m wearing my favorite dressy jeans, the noir coated Krista jeans from Hudson. These pups are so comfortable I feel like I’m wearing leggings and I couldn’t be more happy about it. I wear them from day to night and they go with everything.  I actually ended up reviewing them on Denim Blog, which you can read HERE, because I was so stoked on getting my hands on these. This is one of my winter #OOTD’s when I feel like trying and the best part is it’s super comfortable too.

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