Shore Thing

Posted on May 2nd, 2016 by admin


This Shore Projects watch is a Shore thing… (I’m sorry, that was so bad).


Aside from my horrible opener, I really do want to express my love for this Shore Projects watch. I’m a person of details and I like to spend money on things that I can wear over and over again with the things I don’t care to spend money on. Let me break it down. Leather moto jackets, heels, watches, and bags: SPEND THE MONEY. Trendy off the shoulder tops, gaucho jeans, crop tops: SAVE THE MONEY. Because the trends move so fast now, I like to save money on fast fashion or trends that are in and out pretty fast and spend the money on pieces I can keep for years.

This watch is a great investment piece and they’re now sold at Nordstrom (which is awesomeee). The best part about these watches is that you can customize them to your liking. You pick the band, color and metal finish so that it’s uniquely your’s.  They look so classic and chic and I wear mine ALL THE TIME. Shout out to Shore Projects for making beautiful watches and stepping up my accessory game!

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