Valley High Season 4

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Valley High Season 4 is here!

Although my updates are few and far between these days, I like to think that the updates I do give are good ones (quality over quantity, right?). Valley High updates are always my favorite because I like seeing our progress over time and it seems like every time I have something new to report, so much time has passed and we’ve come even further. I’d like to introduce our 4th season which is centered around our Valley Girls squad. Since day one we’ve wanted to create a cult of Valley Girls that love our stuff just as much as we love them. It was only natural to create a collection for them and what better inspiration than the ultimate girl squad, The Pink Ladies? We wanted to put our spin on what a modern day Pink Lady would look like, but with Valley High style. Not only did we lock in that iconic, pink jacket, but we incorporated edgy elements that make us who we are as a brand as well. This includes custom prints, edgy graphics, crop tops and our signature piece, the oversize tee.

As for the lookbook, which is our favorite thus far, it took place at a local burger joint with our model, @Taylorlashe sporting her squad jacket for the “Valley Girls”. Our photographer, Chris Velasco captured the essence of Taylor and her amazing energy which I believe is exactly what a Valley Girl encompasses. She’s fun, fearless and all about creating her own style. Chris used some great techniques which gave the photos their unique effects and fun vibe. Stephanie Albala covered the styling aspect of the shoot, she saw the collection in a unique way that really made the whole shoot. Every outfit was put together with an effortless cool factor and made Taylor stand out. 

Peep the whole lookbook below and check out the new collection out now! xo

The “Valley Girls” are the new squad on campus, slaying the style game and taking all the boys.




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