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Posted on January 11th, 2017 by admin

A few weeks back I visited a bridal shop that I have had my eye on since I got engaged. Not only was I a fan, but this place was referred to me by numerous people so I knew I had to go and I was NOT disappointed.

I give you, LOHO Bride. This modern bride haven is located on Melrose ave. and carries unique designers, making it different than any other bridal shop I’ve come across. I mean, if these photos don’t make you drool already then I don’t know what will. Not only is the store so dreamy, the name stands for “League Of Her Own” which made me love it even more.

Once I booked my appointment, LOHO sent me a questionnaire for my big day. It had questions like “who are your style icons?” and “what is your favorite music?”. These questions were to help them set up my appointment to make my experience extremely special and unique. I asked my mom to come with me to keep it simple and intimate so we headed over to my appointment together.

They had ’60s French pop playing, per my request via my questionnaire, and had welcomed me with a glass of Champagne. Allie was my bridal consultant for the day. She took me through their insane selection of dresses and had me pick my favorites. I read everywhere that I should try on everything and every style, even if it wasn’t my style, so I went ahead and picked everything that caught my eye.

Here is my selection of dresses. I picked everything from traditional to modern, simple and intricate, you name it, I tried it on! Allie helped me in and out of every dress and provided heels to get the full effect. She always made sure my champagne was full and I was happy.

I went into this appointment with the mindset of using it as a way to help me find my style, but not purchasing anything just yet. Just the opposite happened. Not only did I find my dress, but it was the first one I tried on. I still tried on the rest of course, but I ended up going back to that first one and I even put it on for a second time at the end. I can’t wait for you guys to see it! It’s absolutely stunning.

In the end, trying on every style didn’t really help me because I know my style and I know what I like, if I’m decisive about anything it’s that. I also have a pretty average, petite body so I don’t have too many issues with things fitting strangely, which is another reason why everyone encourages you to try everything on. I wanted something sleek, modern and flattering that was a statement piece without being overbearing. I found just that. Stay tuned for my epic dress!

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