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Bridesmaids? Nope. Wedding squad? Yup.

See how I asked my favorite ladies to by in my squad, after the jump! 

I went back and forth so many times on whether I should have bridesmaids, who they’d be, what that would mean for them, what that would mean for me, what they’d wear etc. etc. ETC. It was exhausting. I have so many friends that are close to me that it was hard for me to choose,  but I settled on a final plan that I’m really stoked on.

My girls are not bridesmaids, they’re a part of a squad. I picked 7 girls to have a matching look the day of my wedding and these girls are considered my closest friends. I’ve been in their weddings, their engagements, we’ve known each other since we were little or they’ve been very good friends to me. They won’t be standing up at the altar with me and my soon-to-be-hubby (it will just be us), nor will they be “introduced” at the reception or have an obligation to go to the rehearsal, they will be there for girl time and support, getting ready together and sharing the day with me. These girls will look at each other throughout the night (and me) knowing that they are bonded by what they mean to me and their amazing outfit of course.

Which brings me to mah girl’s outfits. I’m all about efficiency so I bundled their “squad gift” and “squad outfit” into one item and used that item to ask them to be a part of my squad. I also wanted my girls to focus their funds on staying with us for the weekend of the wedding rather than an expensive dress. Sooooooo I got them……


Varsity jackets!

Each jacket has their initial on it that was hand done by my good friend Chris from Utility Goods. The jacket is accompanied by a card that I printed out on textured paper asking the ladies to be in my crew as well as a little note explaining the gift and how to wear it.

I sent a few out by mail and this is what the packaging looks like. 

Now, my wedding crew is not just these 7 ladies. I also asked another tier of ladies to be a part of my squad. These ladies are still special to me and I wanted them to be a part of our wedding too so I gave them…….


I gave each lady a pin to wear with her dress on the wedding day, signifying that they are special to me as well. I also invited them to get ready with me if they’d like and to take professional photos with us when we break for photos.

This was super fun for me and I’m excited to see these ladies looking SO FLY on my wedding day.

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