Bachelorette #2

Posted on March 27th, 2017 by admin

Bachelorette #2 was a relaxing getaway to Ojai with my best friends and it was perfection.

Customized sun hats, an amazing hashtag, matching pajamas, instax¬†photos galore, Real Housewives decor and a Saved By The Bell board game from the ’90s are all things I had at my second bachelorette. My maid of honor was involved in this one and made sure every detail was perfect, and of course, it was. We spent the weekend in Ojai relaxing by the pool, eating tons of yummy meals and consuming plenty of sparkling water to make up for the lack of alcohol in my life at the moment. Both bachelorettes were exactly what I wanted and everyone put so much effort into making it everything I could have ever wished for.I feel very loved and couldn’t ask for better friends to surround myself with. Here’s a few photos from my epic weekend!

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