Bach #1

Posted on March 8th, 2017 by admin

I decided to have two bachelorette parties and here’s how the first one went.

(H&M crop top, Valley High midi skirt, Baby Bump by me and Christian)

House in the hills. Private chef. Alcohol (La Croix for me). A photobooth. Instax. Dance party.

These are all the things we had for my one nighter bach #1 in LA and it was perfect. This was literally all I’ve ever wanted in one night and these ladies really outdid themselves. The mix was friends from high school (some, beyond) and friends from my more recent years, to which everyone seamlessly came together to throw this epic night for me. As everyone arrived we lounged outside with drinks and enjoyed the view. After a while, our private chef,

As everyone arrived we lounged outside with drinks and enjoyed the view (did I mention how sick this house was?). After a while, our private chef,  Nikki Martin arrived and started our impressive feast. She had an amazing spread of healthy yet satisfying food that made us all so happy which included cruiditè, salmon with a citrus sauce, cheese-a-plenty, and macaroons. We enjoyed more alcohol while the most amazing playlist played in the background. If you know me, music is VERY crucial so it meant so much to me that the littlest detail of a playlist was covered. Ja Rule, Drake, 21 Savage, Migos were all playing while we ate our fancy private chef meal and it was perfect. After dinner, we enjoyed more drinks (more La Croix for me) and turned the house into a dance party. We danced, took photos in our fabulous DIY photobooth and eventually jumped in the pool at 12am. Being newly pregnant I was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone with that one(late night, freezing temps outside, exhaustion etc.) but I said f*ck it, and jumped in with everyone. I’m so glad I did because it was one of the highlights and I felt like me. To complete our trip, I woke up to the most beautiful view of Los Angeles and laid in the bed that I had all to myself thinking about how much I loved the night.

The decorations were a hit (LOTS OF PENIS THINGS were included), a GORGEOUS cake from Magnolia Bakery was present and the cutest hangover giftbag sent us all off into recovery. I love these ladies so much and I’m so lucky to have them all as my dearest friends.

Bach #2 is coming up this month! Stay tuned.

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