The Morning of My Wedding

Posted on April 24th, 2017 by admin

(Photos by Chris Velasco)

The morning of my wedding was relaxing, filled with so much love and backed by an epic playlist.

Hair and Makeup….

(Robe: A gift from Jenny from Nieman Marcus, Slippers: A gift from my MOH, Makeup by Marlena, Hair by Nikki) 

I started my big day off by sleeping in as long as I could (I was afraid for my long day as a pregnant bride) while my MOH set up in the other room (she’s seriously the best). I decided to get ready in my suite (not the venue) because I love the V Palm Springs and it was a fun two bedroom suite, it was exactly the vibe I wanted to have while getting ready. After I slowly got up, brushed my teeth and put this GORGEOUS robe on (Thanks, Jenny!), I entered the second room of the suite and was welcomed by excitement and hugs. The whole morning was so beautiful, peaceful and filled with so much love. My squad took such great care of me, providing food, any non-alcoholic drink I wanted, hugs, smiles and laughter. I made sure I enjoyed every second and took every second in and it made it extra special. Marlena, who did my makeup, and Nikki, who did my hair, are both very good friends of mine so it was such a wonderful experience having them make me beautiful and being surrounded by nothing but close friends on one of the most important days of my life. As you can see they absolutely killed it. I’ll get into the details of my look when I reveal the full look.

The Gifts….

(Gifts- From the Hubby: Carhartt overalls + Alexander Wang purse, From the Squad: A framed paper with all of my squad’s lipstick kisses on it)

Aside from eating, dancing around to the most epic 2000s playlist that one of my best friends Jamie made me, and getting all dolled up, I was presented with gifts which in itself, was so generous. Christian and I had decided to take part in the tradition of getting each other gifts for the morning of the wedding. My sister-in-law brought him my gifts (a Movado watch and a Saint Laurent card holder) and she came back with the gifts he got me. He got me Carhartt overalls that I have been wanting so bad (they look so cute with my bump) and a GORGEOUS Alexander wang purse. As you can see, I absolutely loved both of them. Her and my MOH also had him write a sweet note on the bottom of my shoes that I got to read before I put them on. Thanks, Pinterest for the idea!

As for my bridesmaids, they were so sweet as to get me a gift that I had pinned earlier in the year and I was SO EXCITED that my MOH had made it happen. It’s a framed piece of paper that has each of their lips/kisses on it which they accompanied with the most heartfelt cards. The fun part about this is their lipstick was all different for the wedding so it had a variety of lip shapes and colors.

Don’t worry, I did not leave my bridesmaids empty handed. I have a whole post coming on how I HOOKED THEM UP.

Oh yah, my cute lil boston terrier pups were with us the whole morning and it made me feel so complete and happy. We didn’t really have a choice but to bring them with us for the weekend and I’m so glad we did. The little one escaped and the squad had to chase after her down the street, I guess it added some excitement to the morning.

(Photos by Chris Velasco)

Up Next…..The Final Look. 


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