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Posted on April 14th, 2017 by admin

Our wedding invitations brought to you by Paprika Press! 

To me, one of the best parts about our wedding is that we mostly used friends for our vendors and services and this is a perfect example. My friend Brittany, the brains and creative mind behind Paprika Press, was introduced to me by my best friend Lacy. We’ve met numerous times through Lacy’s life events (birthdays, etc.) but Brittany and I really became friends through sharing our weddings with each other, which were both in Palm Springs. While getting advice and vendor info from her, I remembered that she had her own letterpress company and I instantly knew I wanted to use her for something. It went from “squad cards” to Save The Dates and finally, we decided to use her talent for our invitations. Christian designed the invites and Brittany worked her magic by refining them with thick, beautiful paper and impressive letterpress work. They were exactly what we wanted and could not be happier with the result.

As you can see, we kept them EXTREMELY simple, aka we just sent an invitation. We went this route because we wanted to make things as efficient as possible. We did this but putting everything in one place: our website. Our website served as a hub for our wedding, it’s where you RSVP’d and where you found all of the information that you needed which means there was no need for extra cards to accommodate the invitation. We figured, why pay for postage and also make people send something back when they can just hop on their computer?

It’s funny because the invitations were one of my favorite parts of the whole wedding process. Something about assembling everything and having something physical to show for all of my work was so satisfying. Aside from that, sending out something that represented us and our relationship was also exciting and I hope that you guys enjoy these invitations as much as we did!

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