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(Photos by Chris Velasco)

Member those custom varsity jackets I gave to each of my squad members asking them to be in my wedding? Well here’s what my ladies looked like on the big day.


On top of the jacket gift, I asked all my ladies to wear all black cocktail dresses with black shoes of their choice. We gave them the same makeup and hair to uniform them with the jackets and these ladies are so stylish that they put those cute sunglasses on themselves.

A funny story: From day one I told them they would not have any duties other than getting ready with me and taking photos. For the ceremony, they would not be standing with us up at the altar and they would not have to walk out separately because I didn’t want them to be under any pressure that day. Once it was getting time to start the ceremony I gave them the OK to start making their way towards the ceremony where they would blend with the guests and take their seats. Apparently, our guests were so eager to get this party started that when my girls walked out, everyone was already seated. Since we didn’t plan or rehearse anything, they took it upon themselves to get in a straight line, drape their jackets over their shoulders and walk out like a bunch of bosses which ended up being one of our guest’s favorite moments from the wedding, and mine too! They look so cute and owned that walk-in.

Love my ladies so much! <3

(Photos by Chris Velasco)

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