A Palm Springs Wedding

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(Photos by Chris Velasco)

Here is what our wedding looked like!

Our ceremony seating was in the shape of our logo with a pyramid shaped alter that my sister-in-law’s boyfriend made for us. We had 2 little sections of black chairs in the center for our squad and family, and our best friend married us. We got so many compliments about how intimate and beautiful it was sitting in a circle and how close everyone felt to each other and to us. I absolutely loved the pyramid and the way that our whole ceremony looked, not to mention the circle seating felt like we were getting one giant hug from everyone.

Our welcome table had the photostrip of our engagement framed and a lightbox with our hashtag on it. Guests were invited to vote whether they think the little BB is a boy or a girl, grab some sunscreen from Bare Republic and grab a drink!


Each table had a tall candle that we had DIY’d with stickers we got made along with smaller candles and palm leaves for centrepieces. I wanted very minimal decor and to keep true to the Palm Springs vibe.

PBR sponsored our beer bar with TALL CANS! They’re the BEST.

I originally wanted an authentic fruit cart like on every corner in LA but we didn’t have it in our budget. Instead, we cut up cubes of watermelon and had Tajin, salt and lime to add to them.

In-N-Out was for dinner + street tacos came later for a late night snack.

An all white dance floor was at the center of our reception because we wanted the dancing to be what our whole wedding was about. I also wanted all white furniture with touches of black so that it everything looked clean and minimal, which looked so great with all of the green on the property. We had 5 long tables for family and elders and the rest of the seating was lounges and cocktail tables. We wanted it to be really casual and more like an event than a wedding.

Our sweetheart table was up on a hill so we could overlook the whole wedding (even though we barely got a chance to sit and enjoy it). We used a high back lounge with a small coffee table. We put a tall cocktail table next to it in case we wanted to eat on a table. We had our own Bart’s Bakery boxes of cookies for ourselves for dessert, a bottle of Martinelli’s for me (of course) and a pair of blue baby Vans to celebrate our little boy.

Our bar was run by Mint Bartending and they were great the whole way through. We like our cocktails simple and refreshing so we made our menu like so. We also made all the signage ourselves.

We had a sleek photobooth thanks to Classic Photobooths which had gifs and printouts. Another fun aspect was they made us a guest book with doubles of everyone’s photos.

For dessert, Bart’s Bakery sponsored our amazing spread of chocolate cookies, the best in the world in fact! They were brought out at around 8pm and guests could come and grab a box as they passed by. We didn’t do a traditional wedding cake because both Christian and I never eat dessert at weddings and it didn’t seem like a smart way to spend our budget (to us). Staying true to who we are, we both love chocolate cookies so much and have them for a late night snack at home VERY often so it was so fitting that we went with cookies instead (I hoarded the extra boxes because they’re my absolute favorite).

A lot of our friends are DJ’s in LA so for the music and vibes, we asked 3 of our favorites to each play a DJ set at our wedding. Daniel T. was the main DJ. He started the wedding off with music for pre-ceremony, during the ceremony, during dinner and got the party started. We wanted a tropical and international playlist for the beginning of the wedding, which you can actually find HERE. He did such a great job of setting the tone and getting the dance floor started. Chris Pablo came in second, he’s one of my favorite DJs because he knows hip hop like no one else and mixes an amazing selection so effortlessly. He got the crowd really going and happened to play “Bonita Applebum” as I was walking out in my second look which was such an epic moment. Cam Tang is our party rocker DJ and plays all the songs that you can’t help but dance to. He played one of our requests “Shooting Star” by Bagraiders and the crowd went NUTS. It was also one of my favorite moments along with “Passionfruit” by Drake.

Russ, was Christian’s best man, our officiant and also our MC. He MC’s a party out here in LA and was the perfect guy to keep the wedding running smoothly and to get the crowd hyped. We owe him big time for that 3 job combo!

Chris Velasco was our photographer along with his lovely girlfriend Emily, and Machete was our videographer. Both of them do all of our photos and videos for Valley High so we knew they would be the perfect fit for a non-traditional wedding spread of photos and videos. As you can see the photos are AMAZING and our video is nothing short of amazing too (I’ll post soon!).  Your photographer and videographer never leave your side so it was so peaceful having both of their energies with us the entire night. So much positivity, love and excitement.

The venue, The Thatcher Estate, was absolutely beautiful and exactly what we wanted. We had been there previously for a Coachella party and knew we had to get married here. The owner was AMAZING and the setting was perfect. Everyone absolutely loved the venue and we got compliments on it all day long.

HUGE shout out to our wedding planner Fearon (watching over us like a little wedding planner angel in this pic), who handled the pregnancy surprise like a champ and made the wedding of our dreams come true (she even packed food to-go for us for when we got back to our room that night!).

(Photos by Chris Velasco)

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