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(Top + Skirt: Topshop, Shoes: Dolce Vita, Bag: Barney’s) 

I am a Scorpio/Libra baby which means my birthday was a couple weeks back (time seriously FLIES!). I celebrated my birthday over the course of a few days (who doesn’t?) and this is one of my favorite things that I did. Acabar was so generous as to treat me and a small group of my closest blogger buds to an absolutely AMAZING dinner the night of my birthday.  Nestled in a small street off of Sunset Blvd. Acabar takes you right out of LA and into an amazing Moroccan oasis.  As you can tell from the photos (which seriously don’t even do the space justice) it is INSANELY gorgeous inside with intricate crown molding, dim and seductive lighting and a skylight right in the middle of the bar area that is completely open. It has a Moroccan vibe with beautiful archways and pillars all of which make the dinning experience a cut above the rest. We started off with some down right tasty cocktails (helloooo “Eastside”) and apps, and proceeded into the best part of the night; THE MEAL. Chef de cuisine, Kevin Luzande, created a custom menu for us, bringing out each dish himself and explaining them in great detail. As you can see the the plates were absolutely beautiful and the food was nothing short of extraordinary. Here’s what we got, which I recommend to anyone that plans on dining there…


DUCK DUO SALADE / cured duck breast / crispy duck rillette / charred chicory / orange marmalade / verjus

CARAMELIZED CAULIFLOWER DUO / pickled peppers / currants / dill / za’atar

DUMPLINGS / bean + broccolini / carrot + ginger broth / sprouts / chive oil

CRISPY SHRIMP TOAST / rock shrimp / s.s.u quail egg / thai basil / fish sauce

CHARRED OCTOPUS / longaniza sausage / white beans / piquillo peppers / valencia oranges

FRIED BUNS / braised lamb / sriracha aioli / pear chutney / cotija cheese


NZ SNAPPER / vermouth poached / truffled potato + leeks / purple chips


macerated strawberry / crunchy milk / chamomile granita / strawberry gusher

banana custard / spiced plantain / wafer / sponge cake

chocolate crèmeux / candied cocoa / graham cracker / marshmallow ice cream

plum ice / almond panna cotta / compressed plum / hibiscus crystals / ice plant

Thanks to my ladies StephanieEnochaEmily, and Jenny for coming out to celebrate, and to Acabar and Kevin for taking such wonderful care of us!

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