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Posted on March 10th, 2014 by admin

the penelope times make up trends

I’m pretty simple when it comes to beauty and make up. I have my face regimen consisting of an all organic line called Eminence (my skin is sensitive and I’m also a health freak so this line is MADE for me) and I keep my makeup down to a minimum which includes liquid eyeliner, mascara, under eye concealer and blush. I have been blessed with fairly good skin and I think covering it up with powder or foundation is a sin (I think a lot of women make this mistake). With all this aside, I do like keeping up with makeup trends and I dable but this particular trend I am digging. For one, it’s an even more natural look than what I usually do which means less makeup to put on and easier to take off. This trend consists of big full lashes, a red lip, and rosey cheeks. I keep my face even more “fresh” looking by adding some under eye concealer and if you want you can add some shine on your cheek bones to enhance the look. It’s so easy, looks great and my personal favorite for when I’m “on the go” or when I’m too lazy to even put on makeup.

The Penelope Times Make Up Trends

Beauty Breakdown

Posted on July 8th, 2013 by admin

The Penelope Times


It’s time for a breakdown. Not that anyone is asking but, I’m such a fan of the people I go/products I use to for various beauty needs that I wanted to share them. I’m proud to say the only  makeup I have on in this photo is mascara and I didn’t photoshop it (nor do I ever photoshop my photos, FYI).


Cut: Carissa Mestaz (email me for info)

Color: c/o  Wolf at Jim Wayne Salon in Beverly Hills


Mascara: Buxom Amplified Lash Mascara


Facials: RaOrganic Spa in Burbank

Facewash: Eminence Stone Crop Gel Wash

Peel: Eminence Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel 

Scrub: Kate Sommerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment 

Eyebrows: Marlena Robbins at Bree Salon 

Coachella Essentials

Posted on April 12th, 2013 by admin


the penelope times(Cannon G10 and Ricoh film cameras, Boostcase Battery Charger, Chapstick Sport, Hawaiian Tropics , Watts up highlighting stick, One by One mascara by Maybeline, Chance by Chanel, Endless Summer mix, Sunglasses from Quay Eyewear and Penelope’s Vintage, Gifted BangStyle salt spray)

As I’m off to the desert paradise that is Palm Springs, I thought I’d leave you with some essentials I’m taking with and what I’m inspired by this year. I started this last year and plan on making it a tradition, I look forward to it every time. Let’s start with my essentials. Coachella is a harsh weekend, the sun baking your skin, the pool water (if you go to parties) drying out your hair, a little bit of a drive, drunken days and nights and non stop hopping around. All of these items are things that will help me get through the weekend in one piece. I always like to bring a couple of camera options so I can get some different views of my weekend and I also like to bring multiple sunnies options so I have a completely different look every day. To conquer the weather conditions I love this Hawaiian Tropics sunscreen because it almost acts as a moisturizer instead of an oily SPF while still protecting your skin. It goes on smooth and leaves your skin moisturized. This Chapstick stick is from their new-ish line, it has an SPF and is waterproof for my pool adventures. As far as hair, I always bring different styling tools because I love going crazy with my hair that weekend. Bobby pins and rubber bands are a must and this Bangstyle salt spray is great for when I don’t want to do my hair. As for insurance, I have my trusty Boost Case charger in case my battery runs out from being out from the day into the night. That thing is a life saver and WORTH the investment.

The Penelope Times

(Gifted Cia Maritima bikini, Gifted SeaFolly Bikini, Gifted Vitamin A bikini)

I’ve always loved bathing suits. I don’t think your style should stop at the pool, and if anything it should really shine at that point. I always try to mix and match with different tops and bottoms and get some unique prints and styles, bathing suits are endless fun. I was so happy to receive these 3 beautiful bikini’s in the mail from these oh so generous companies and I can’ t wait to rock them.

The Penelope Times

I take my Coachella outfits very seriously, I map out every detail from what shoes and accessories I’m going to wear up to what hairstyle I will choose for each day. It sounds exhausting for some but for me, it brings great joy. I’ve been inspired by these hairstyles and plan on rocking a few this weekend. I will also probably do my usual 2 bun up do as well.

The Penelope Times

Let’s face it, I will probably wear high waisted jean shorts and bathing suit tops the whole weekend because that’s just how I roll, but I’m super inspired by Kinderwhore style right now. If you don’t know what that is (which I didn’t at first either) look above. Courtney Love founded the style of mixing baby doll dresses with ripped tights and boots, hair all over the place, basically your modern day soft grunge. I’m going to try to rock an outfit like this one night and if not, I will in LA.

I’ll be reporting live on my own Instagram for Lulu*s and also Electric Frenchie’s blog this weekend, be sure to follow me and check the EF blog for all of your Coachella needs!


Newest Beauty Essentials

Posted on April 6th, 2013 by admin

the penelope times

I’ve acquired these goodies over the past couple of weeks and they’ve instantly become my favorite. I highly recommend you try them all and I explain below why I’m so partial to them.

IS CLINICAL Eclipse SPF 50 facial sunscreen: I learned about this brand at an event and was thrilled to see this little product in my bag. Although I turned very red from their mask that was used on me (which is usually normal with a facial), I was open to trying out the rest of their products. I’m not sure if I’d like something as strong for a facial cleanser but I love a good sunscreen, especially for my face. As I get older, protecting my skin becomes more important to me and I’ve been trying to be very good about putting sunscreen on my face more often (they say you should do it everyday but I’m human and it’s not something that’s on my mind before I leave the house). I like this one because it’s oil free and also contains Vitamin E to keep your skin hydrated, soothed and balanced.

 Josie Maran Ultra Hydrating Multi-tasking Balm: This little beaut is Argan oil in the form of a stick (so fun!)I love this balm because you can use it anywhere (Literally. Lips, eyes, hair etc.), it has anti aging benefits and is made with Argan oils from Morocco.  Super fun to experiment with (and also great for split ends!) To read more about Argan oil go here. 

Peacock Apothecary Night Cream: I’m literally OBSESSED with this night cream. The fact that it has an expiration date because it’s ingredients are that fresh makes me love it even more. Peacock Apothecary is made in Los Angeles (another reason I love it), contains zero harsh chemicals and only naturally occurring preservatives, such as citric acid and rosemary extract. They use violet glass containers to help maintain the potency of their products and prevent degradation.They source local products and all of these factors really show in their products. My skin looked absolutely amazing the next morning and I make sure to use it every night.

ghd hair styler: I got this hair styler at an awesome Bollare event and this is exactly the reason why I love being a blogger (well, one of them). I would have never known about this brand if it wasn’t for this event (good job Bollare!), not because they’re not big or promoting themselves correctly but just because I’m oblivious to any beauty product I don’t normally use. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I didn’t call it a “straightener” and that’s because it also curls your hair, therefore it is a “styler”. With one twist of the wrist you can turn your hair into beautiful, wavy locks. My favorite parts? It takes literally 10 seconds to heat up, it turns off by itself in 20 minutes if left unattended, it has a built in adapter so if you’re in another country you don’t need an add on to plug it in, it has ceramic heaters and….the colors!

NCLA nail lacquer and nail wraps: I mean, these pups speak for themselves. To this day, my favorite nail line and I can’t wait to try all of these fun Spring lacquers and nail wraps.



Beauty Essentials

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 by admin



Ahhhh beauty blogging. Not my usual forte but I do love sharing the products I love once in a while. I broke this one down by category to show you my favorites in one big roundup. I’ve used some of these products in previous beauty posts but that just means I love them that much to keep using them.


Clarifying Face Wash by Earth Science: This face wash is perfect for combo skin (which I have). It never dries out your face or makes it oily, it gives you that perfect, clean, balanced feeling and nothing more. Best part, it’s $10 from Whole Foods.

Image Vitamin E Moisturizer: I have an oily T zone but dry cheeks and this moisturizer is the perfect product for my combination skin. It moisturizes my cheeks without OVER moisturizing my T zone. It’s a little pricey but I think these products are something you should be comfortable spending your money on.

Kate Sommerville Face Scrub: I try to use this face scrub about once a week to rid all of the dead skin that hasn’t washed off. It leaves your face with a beautiful matte finish and the smoothest skin to touch. An amazing product.



BangStyle Salt Spray: I have a natural wave in my hair and when I need to enhance it a little I add this salt spray before I head out the door and it brings my wave back to life. Bonus: it smells wonderful.

John Freida Full Repair Serum: Since I’ve moved into my apartment my hair has freaked out a little with the dry, LA water. The ends tend to get dried out a little easier now but also, it’s something that happens naturally with long hair. I put this on my ends after the shower and it brings my dry ends back to life.

Big Tooth Comb: I’ve recently learned that for long hair you should use a bit tooth comb for a brush. It prevents breakage and helps get through those tough tangles.



NCLA all the way! Their color palettes are stunning and the packing is top notch. These are my favorite colors right now.


Smelling Nice: 

Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison: I’ve literally been wearing this since I was 16 and can not part from it (my friends from high school always say “it smells like Chanelle!” when they get a whiff).

Lemons: I’ve heard some scary rumors about deodorant which has led me to try Toms and other various “natural” deodorants…..which make you smell works. The magical cure? LEMONS! I simply squeeze a tiny bit on a paper towel, wipe under my arms and am good to go. Lemons don’t prevent sweating (which some people rely on deodorant for) however, they take away the smell like that (which is what I look for in a deodorant….I don’t sweat too much). If you still smell a little, try limes…they’re stronger.


Staying Hydrated

Zico Coconut Water (my favorite is ONE Coconut water): I’ve been trying to be better about drinking more water everyday and also replenishing with coconut water after I work out. Staying hydrated has a ridiculous amount of benefits such as clearer skin, better sleep, energy, and promoting an all around healthier you.


What are your favorite beauty products?


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