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The Grand Central Market

Posted on October 9th, 2014 by admin



(Image via Bon Appetit)

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while or know me personally you know I love food, and maybe even more so, I love Bon Appetit magazine. When Bon Appetit arrives at my door I put it in a special place by my couch, ready for me when the weekend hits. I spend my Saturday or Sunday with coffee, reading the newest issue on my couch and could not be happier. Whenever there is a list of new restaurants, best restaurants, chefs…..basically any sort of list, I INSTANTLY look for an LA shoutout so I can bookmark it on Yelp and feed my LA pride. Much to my dismay my September issue did not arrive on my doorstep as expected and I was about as mad as anyone would be about something important or life changing, except this clearly was not, but obviously to me it was. I got the issue a little late which is why this post is just happening now but nonetheless, I was inspired to share. The big story in the September issue was “The Hot 10“, which is the magazine’s 10 hottest new restaurants across the country and guess who made the list? Thats right. LA. (did you have any doubt in your mind? I didn’t.)  Definitely an underdog, The Grand Central Market made #10 on the list. I recently went there for lunch and had Egg Slut (which was great) but this article had me itching to go back and do a mini food crawl up in that place. I loved the article so much I wanted to post it on here to share with everyone (even though I hate when Refinery 29 does that. At least there’s some backstory right?). Bottom line, if you live here, if you’re visiting here I am now a believer this is a must try. I want to do this for my birthday-weekend brunch in a few weeks and again when my friend comes out to visit from Taiwan at the end of the month. I’ll be sure to share my experience and I hop you can make it out there too!

 HERE is the full article.

Thanks Bon Appetit, for always having such amazing, inspiring and ever changing content. Your magazine is truly my happiness.

Brunch Bunch

Posted on August 12th, 2014 by admin

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A few weeks ago myself, Aimee from Swellmayde and Jenny from Goodbadandfab had a lil DIY brunch feast together. We each made something in Jenny’s very Instagramable kitchen and ate like lil piggies. I brought Mini Frittatas that don’t look AMAZING but they definitely taste amazing. They usually come out a little bit fluffier with whole eggs but the egg whites were a little easier for this get together. Aimee brought the parfait that stems from my favorite granola recipe, and Jenny made a yummy grilled peach salad.  Below are our recipes if you’d like to enjoy these dishes yourself. They were each so easy to make (and delicious!), we were all done in less than 30 min which means we got to get to the good part faster…..eating. We are now going to call ourselves the Brunch Bunch and we hope to do it at least once a month. Enjoy!



Posted on July 15th, 2014 by admin

The Penelope times

My newest root powders to add to my health pantry. Maca which helps balance hormones and increase energy, Turmeric which has anti inflammatory agents and Matcha to recreate those yummy Matcha lattes from Urth Cafe, at home. These are all from my favorite little tea shop all the way in Thousand Oaks, The Healing Tree. You can call and place orders if you don’t see anything on the site (the used to have all their teas up but now it seems to be health products) but I think it’s worth the trip anyway.

Breakfast of Champs

Posted on July 9th, 2014 by admin

The Penelope Times


Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

This smoothie will give you energy, help balance hormones and hydrate you along with a lot of other perks. I just made it the other morning and I loved it. It’s simple and I usually have these items on hand and just got some Matcha powder which I’ve been having fun experimenting with. Have it for breakfast or as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Enjoy!

1 teaspoon Matcha powder

1 teaspoon Maca powder

Scoop of protein powder (I prefer Earth Bar)

1 cup Almond Milk

1 Banana

2 Tablespoons of Flaxseeds

1 Tablespoon of Chia Seeds

2 Cups ice

1 Teaspoon honey

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Walnut Spread

Posted on July 1st, 2014 by admin

The Penelope Times The Penelope Times

(Images via Tasty Yummies)

Being a health freak I’ve tried pretty much all the health trends you can think of. With that being said I WAS vegan at one point…only for about 6 months and not a strict one. I tried my best to get as much nutrition as I could but it’s really challenging and ended up not being for me. One thing I HATED about Veganism is imitation meat. I understand there’s not a lot to work with when you have as little options as you do when you’re vegan but if you want and crave meat, just eat it (hear me out). When you crave things your body is telling you something (if it still occurs after you drink some water of course, you could be dehydrated). I understand people’s views on animal rights and to each their own, but the processed meat is probably worse for you than eating a humanely raised animal from a local farm that still believes in the correct way of farming. I also believe you are making a bigger stand against cruelty to animals if you were to give your business to a local farmer than the corporations. If everyone did that it would probably be close to putting these companies out of business and giving these amazing farmer a handsome paycheck for their good and honest work. I’m NOT against Veganism or anyone that doesn’t want to eat an animal, I support everyone’s opinions and everyone should do whatever their little heart desires, I just don’t like when people “half” do things or just follow a crowd. Educate yourself and make sure it’s something you fully support. ANYWAY enough ranting. I still love eating at vegan restaurants and trying vegan recipes if they are not processed, and this “taco meat” was a hit! I like to call it “walnut spread” because people that DO eat meat sometimes get turned off by imitation meats, and also because it’s good with meat too! I originally followed this swiss chard wrap recipe from Tasty Yummies because I had some swiss chard in our CSA box and had been craving a wrap with it, but I ended up using it in salads and with my eggs too. It makes a hefty portion and you can keep it in the fridge and pretty much add it to anything. Enjoy!


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