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Posted on January 24th, 2018 by admin


Being a new mom has been a wild ride thus far. I’ve gone from getting everything done on a daily basis to getting nothing done on a daily basis but spending time with my baby boy all day makes all of that irrelevant. With that being said, Milk and Eggs reached out to me to try their service at the perfect time, when I needed simple things, like heading to the grocery store, to be a lot easier on me and less time-consuming. (I will say, now that Mads is 5.5 months old and we are almost through sleep training, my life is slowly coming back together. More on that later.).

Here is my awesome experience with the grocery delivery service.

Here’s what $50 will give you to Milk and Eggs. All organic and local, this service takes out the middleman (the grocery stores) and delivers literally, farm to table. They work with local farmers and vendors so everything is the freshest it can be and the prices are significantly lower than your other grocery store delivery services. Aside from the HUGE selling point of cheaper prices for organic and local food, their selection is really good and it has everything I would normally buy at the grocery store. Another bonus is you can create subscriptions, so if you’re like us and get a lot of the same things every week, you don’t even have to spend time shopping for them. If you’re in the market (pun intended) for a grocery delivery service in the LA area I would definitely give them a try!

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