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(Photos by Chris Velasco)

It’s time for the big reveal!

(Photos by Chris Velasco)
(Wedding Dress: Houghton from LOHO Bride,  Alterations by Ludmila Couture, Shoes: Jeffery Campbell, Jewelry: Bagtazo, Nails: Britney Tokyo)

If you’ve looked at my tagged photos on Instagam or even seen some of my own Instagram photos, you’ve already gotten a peek at my wedding dress but here is the final look, in all of it’s glory. As you know, I went to LOHO Bride to try on wedding dresses, it was my first stop and I actually wasn’t planning on buying anything because I had a strict budget I wanted to keep. That all went out the door when I tried on my very first dress which was this Houghton beauty. It was everything I wanted; sleek, minimal, chic, vintage inspired, beautiful and breathtaking. It is so surprisingly accurate what everyone says; Once you try on “the dress” you won’t want to take it off. Not only did I stay in it for a few minutes when I tried it on, but I put it BACK on after I was done with about 15 dresses or so and stayed in it for 30 minutes. I did not want to take this thing off and I already felt like a goddess in it.

Cut to a few months later when I got the surprise of a lifetime that I was pregnant and my first thoughts were: excitement, shock, shock, happy, our wedding, my wedding dress. My wedding planner and LOHO Bride were the first people to know I was pregnant because I had no idea what we were going to do and I called them in a firenze. Long story short, we decided to push the wedding up 5 months to April so it would take place during my second trimester (when you’re glowing and have energy) and we decided to order a size up for my dress for my eventual bump, which LOHO was so supportive and helpful with. LOHO had recommended Ludmila Couture for alterations and after this experience, I completely understand why. Not only were they not even close to being worried about my growing bump, but they had me come in 3 days before my wedding so they could fit and alter my dress for me to ensure that it would fit. Surprisingly, all they had to do was take out a piece of the corset and shorten the dress but otherwise, it fit like a glove and it was ready for me in 2 days (they also shorted my robe for me which was perfect).

For my glam, I knew from day one I wanted to be the ’60s goddess I had always fantasised about. If you know me, you know it’s my favorite era and I want nothing more but to be able to be a ’60s queen every day of my life (even if I don’t really show it). I had pinned a bunch of vintage hairstyles on my Pinterest but this image stuck out to me the most. I knew I wanted something fun and different and nothing too formal, which fit the laid back vibe of tour entire wedding.  My hair stylist, Nikki suggested my second look and effortlessly slayed both looks the day of the wedding. For the makeup, my makeup artist, Marlena had helped me with this area because I’m the worst girl when it comes to makeup and know nothing about it. She saw the look I had started and she instantly knew what she wanted to do on me. It was an amped up version of my everyday makeup yet so elegant and soft. Christian hates when I wear a lot of makeup (or any at all) so I knew this would be perfect. My hormones ruined my make-up trial because I was numb like a robot, but the day of my wedding I was almost in tears about how much I loved my makeup. It was absolutely stunning.

For my jewelry I knew I wanted something elegant and simple but something that still made a statement. I had been talking to our production consultant for Valley High on the phone and it clicked that SHE could provide my jewelry seeing as though she had a jewelry line of her own, Bagtazo. A necklace she already had in her collection was exactly what I wanted and she had made my hair piece from an inspirational image I had sent her. Surprisingly, the earrings are from H&M which I purchased about 2 days before the wedding. Every time I look at these photos I can’t get over how perfectly that worked because they fit effortlessly into this look and were all of $5.

Lastly, my shoes. I was leaning towards a designer shoe because it’s my wedding day after all, but I wanted something I could wear again (which was my motto for everything during this process). I was strolling through Nordstrom with my mom and I stopped in my tracks at the site of these Jeffery Campbell shoes. They were so fun and reminded me of a grandma’s broach aka perfect for a ’60s inspired look for a Palm Springs wedding. They were low in height but still had a heel and were so fun in all clear. They were perfect and I instantly knew they were my wedding shoes.

From the moment we got engaged I KNEW I wanted to change halfway through the night because why limit yourself to one fabulous outfit? I knew my shoes would go great with anything and this Tobi dress fell into my lap a few weeks before the wedding, which ended up being the perfect second look. For my full second look GO HERE.

My whole look, and quite frankly my whole wedding, was supported by a team of good friends and great people and it made our wedding that much more special. Having my friends do my hair and makeup and working with fabulous people such as LOHO Bride and Ludmila Couture made my wedding perfect in my eyes and everyone did such an amazing job together to help bring this look together for me. If I were to give any advice to those brides-to-be out there it would be to buy things that are truly you. I’ve never been a traditional person and I’m a born and raised Cali girl so I’m never really formal and I feel like this look really showed all of that. I felt a little bit of pressure to get a lace dress or do an updo but it’s not me and at the end of the day I went with what I felt comfortable in and what I would feel the best in. Your wedding is exactly that; it’s your’s and you should make it exactly how you want it to be.

Here is my original mood board for my look:

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