Our 1 Bedroom Apartment Nursery

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How I made our one bedroom apartment baby friendly without losing our home decor style.

So we live in a 1 bedroom apartment in the city and I have to admit that I was slightly panicking about having a baby in such a small space. I’m from the suburbs where everyone raises their kids in a house and I had nothing to go off of when figuring out how to incorporate a baby into our little space. After lots of Pinterest exploring and blog searching, I had a plan and I’m pretty proud of how it turned out, although I feel like photos don’t really do it justice.

After lots of nesting, aka cleaning out and rearranging our entire apartment, we created a lot more room within our space but I had to figure out how to fit a crib, changing table and baby stuff seamlessly into the living space we’ve already created for ourselves. I knew I wanted to create little areas for him so that it didn’t feel like random baby stuff mixed in with our stuff and I knew I wanted a “space theme” for these areas. Here’s what I came up with.

I searched the internet for “1 bedroom apartments with nursery” and “small living spaces for baby” and found god’s gift to parents in small spaces which is…… the mini crib. The mini crib is made for small spaces and has a great simplistic, modern design which was perfect for the design of our apartment. We went with the Babyletto Mini Crib (and mattress) and are so happy with it. I love that it’s on wheels so we were able to move it next to our bed for the first few weeks (ok fine, it’s still there) and also move it in slow increments (without Mads noticing) to the place we want it to be (which is pictured).

The vintage seat was originally for a vanity for me but now we have it next to the crib so we can sit with the baby (we’ve only done that like twice, but it looks nice right?).

Next up: The constellation wall. I had read that babies love black and white patterns so the first thing I thought of was a constellation print. I researched wallpapers and figured it’d be nice to put it on the wall where his crib will be so it would distinguish his area (I found this one on Etsy). Around the 8 week mark Mads was able to see patterns, especially black and white patterns, so after we’d change him or walk him around the apartment we’d take him to “his wall” to let him look at it. His face LIT UP every time we brought him to “his wall” and he had the biggest smile on his face. He still loves looking at this wall to this day and I feel so proud of my instinct with this design.

Again, we love simplistic and modern products so this mobile was the perfect fit. Aside from the design, I love that it is inexpensive and that the photos are flat so that babies can see what they are (instead of regular mobiles where the objects are upright and babies can only see the bottom of them). They have different discs for different months so you can change them as the baby grows.


 The “changing area” is his other space in our room. The shelf, drawers and gray storage bags are from Ikea. The drawers are actually for an office and it is pretty small. Since his clothes are so tiny I figured they’d fit nicely in the drawers and the unit fit in the small space we had (see above image and don’t judge my folding, I took this photo on an off day. The clothes are usually folded a bit nicer).

Moving on… we LOVE our Keekaroo Peanut Changer which fit perfectly on the dresser that we originally had in our room. Aside from it’s minimal design, I love that it’s giving us one less thing to have to wash (we don’t have laundry in our building). We either wipe it down or wash it in the tub and when it’s cold we lay a blanket on it and call it a day.

I framed photos from our wedding where you can see the baby (in my stomach of course) and filled the rest of the shelf with gifts from our friends and family. The “Mads” book was a gift from my sister-in-law at my baby shower, she had everyone take a polaroid of themselves and write a little note to Mads. I can’t wait for him to read them when he’s older.

Aside from our room, we have a Nuna Leaf for a swing (again, it’s sleek, modern design fits with our space) and a few quilts and books in our living room. As he gets older (he’s 3 months now!) I’m finding that it’s going to be harder and harder to keep things minimal because babies love all of the patterns and colors, but it’s the next challenge that I’m ready to face!

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