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Posted on November 6th, 2017 by admin

Here’s all the amazing goodies that Smilo sent little BB Mads…

Baby bottles, paci’s, a scrub brush and an insanely soft blanket, Smilo HOOKED IT UP! All of these products are developed by a team of parents who double as doctors, scientists, and engineers. They are the ultimate soothing, fuss-free, BPA free, orthodontic supported products and they aren’t bad to look at either. I was really excited to do a feature on these goodies because the Smilo products that BB Mads is old enough to use, we use every day. I love the reasoning and purpose behind each product and it shows that the team really took a lot of thought and care into developing the entire Smilo line.

These bottles are engineered to create a natural, uninterrupted flow that fends off colic, gas, and ear infections. They come in 3 sizes (or stages as they like to call it), and 2 are featured here (small and large, or stage 1 and 3). They come in a 3 pack and have amazing reviews. Because I’m exclusively breastfeeding, I haven’t taken these babies for a test drive just yet but I plan on it soon! I’ll be sure to post about them again.

We currently have two different pacifiers on hand; Phillps Avent pacifiers and Smilo pacifiers. My exclusively breastfed baby does not love pacifiers and the only one he will take (which we mostly do in the car) is the Smilo Newborn Pacifier (the full teal one on the left). This is a true story and it’s saved us on many car rides. Smilo’s pacifiers are engineered with their patented orthodontic design that promotes straighter smiles and safer sleeps by expanding in the mouth during soothing. The Newborn Pacifier has extra focus on promoting the suck, swallow, and breathe reflexes specific to newborns. These paci’s also came with an awesome case that doubles as a sanitizing tool. My favorites (again, haven’t had to use these yet) are the glow in the dark paci’s for easy spotting in the dark (the middle pacifiers).

Now on to my favorite thing we received from Smilo; this insanely soft, cuddly, warm Baby Blanket. It happened to fit perfectly with our color scheme and it was sent to us at the perfect time, which was after my baby shower when I realized we never got a blanket for the little guy. We use this every night or anytime BB Mads is cold and it instantly warms him up. It definitely falls in line with the “soothing” theme that Smilo has throughout their products and Christian and I hope that it can one day be a blanket that he looks to for comfort.

Here’s a little roundup of BB Mad’s favorite Smilo products. Not pictured: The AMAZING washcloths that I completely forgot to include because they are currently in our bathroom with the rest of Mads’s bath time things. Basically, they are used so often that they’ve become apart of our daily routine and I forgot they were included in this package. They have found their home in our home.

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