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(Gifted Striped Set by Gypsy Junkies, Steve Madden Wedgets,Gifted Quay Eyewear Sunnies)

If you  know me you know I love anything 60s/mod and for some reason this look is screaming that to me. It might be the popped collar, it might be the HUGE sunglasses, it might even be the combo together, whatever it is….I love it. When I got this striped set I thought about all the possible tops to wear underneath it, so many options and so many pieces that would compliment it. Then I thought to myself; that’s what everyone would do, what can I do that’s different? TADA! Why not wear the jacket as a top instead….DONE. This is one of my favorite outfits right now and I hope you like it too. This matching set from Gypsy Junkies is EVERYTHING and I couldn’t be happier supporting such an amazing brand.

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