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Valley High at Agenda!

Posted on January 7th, 2016 by admin

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Posted on September 15th, 2012 by admin

If you haven’t heard of the GIOGO girls, well then, get on it. They are the dynamic fashion duo letting us know what’s “in” and whats “out”…or in their terms a “Get in” or a “Get out” (GIOGO- Get In Or Get Out). I met them at an event in LA and suprisingly enough we all share a dance background and an awesome friend named Allison. I was stoked to hang out with the GIOGO girls at MAGIC and I made my way into one of their RAD videos. Enjoy!

Bloggers RoadToMAGIC: Day 4

Posted on August 31st, 2012 by admin

 Day 4 of #RoadToMAGIC started off with my second and last panel and was joined by some fabulous bloggers: Enocha, The Wear To Go Girls, Sarah and Natalie.  We talked about Classics vs. Fast Fashion. I (of course) used examples from Gypsy Junkies on examples of both of these terms. Fast fashion refers to trends that are in and out faster than you can blink. I used the daisy top as an example of fast fashion, although I think this print is timeless as well as the cut but in comparison to the classic, white, button up blouse it can be considered fast fashion.

After my panel I wandered around the central hall checking out different booths and then headed to FN platform (stands for Footwear News Platform), which is a whole hall full of shoe booths (the shoe portion of the trade shows)….aka heaven. I visited Matiko, 80%20 and Miista to name a few. On top of wanting to see the shoe companies I had to make my way over there with my fellow bloggers to get our shoe personalties analyzed by the fabulous Meghan Cleary who is the author of Shoe Are You? She told me that I am an anarchist and I like to overthrow things based on my Forever21 loafters with faux leopard pony hair and a buckle. I also happened to win a copy of her book which I plan on reading on my flight to NY for New York Fashion Week next week. It was so interesting to see her guess all the bloggers / spectator’s personalities spot on and I can’t wait to dive into the book. 

After fun at FN Platform we all headed to the Vigoss booth in Central Hall for a tiny bloggers party filled with endless champagne and  the best cake pops known to man. Renee took us through the Spring/Summer ’13 line (which is fabulous and pictured above) as well as showing us the current Fall line. We each left with a pair of jeans and sunnies and headed back to the hotel to get ready for a private All Saints preview a their store in the Cosmo.

A group of us MAGIC bloggers took a limo to the cosmo on the Las Vegas strip because believe it or not, it was cheaper. Although there was no alcohol we had a great time chatting and posing for photos. Once we arrived at the All Saints event we headed to a closed off area in the back where STK catered and the Champagne was flowing. They had a great dj and we got a sneak peek of the Spring/Summer ’13 line while this all happened as well as mingled with fellow bloggers. It was a fun little event and the food was delicious!. To end the night we had drinks at the Chandelier Bar and chatted it up some more.

Up next: #RoadToMAGIC day 5…the last and final day of MAGIC!



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